Color Guide

The names of LEGO colors can sometimes be confusing! While the company has official names for all of their colors, those aren't always the names that most fans use.

Throughout the site, we use the common color names (what most people would call the color), followed by what LEGO calls it in parentheses. Like this: blue ("bright blue"). The most common difference is what LEGO calls its two common shades of grey, vs what many fans call them:

light bluish gray ("medium stone grey")

dark bluish gray ("dark stone grey")


It all gets even more complicated when you consider that some colors have been retired and replaced with more modern versions. We still have some of those older colors in stock for some parts. In those cases, we add "old" to the color name to make it clearer that this is an older version of the color. The current color that most people would call "brown" is called "reddish brown" by both LEGO and most fans. This is to distinguish it from the version that it replaced in 2004, which most LEGO users had simply called "brown", but whose official name was actually "earth orange"! When the fan name and the official name match, we simply listed it normally.

old brown ("earth orange")

reddish brown


If you're looking for a specific color and you're not sure what it's called, you can use the chart below to help. Keep in mind that the color swatches are approximate, and could vary quite a bit based on your monitor settings.


LEGO ID LEGO Name Common Name FigBits Name
1 White White White
2 Grey Light Gray Old Light Gray ("Grey")
5 Brick Yellow Tan Tan ("Brick Yellow")
18 Nougat Flesh Flesh ("Nougat")
21 Bright Red Red Red ("Bright Red")
22 Medium Reddish Violet Dark Pink Dark Pink ("Medium Reddish Violet")
23 Bright Blue Blue Blue ("Bright Blue")
24 Bright Yellow Yellow Yellow ("Bright Yellow")
25 Earth Orange Brown Old Brown ("Earth Orange")
26 Black Black Black
27 Dark Grey Dark Gray Old Dark Gray ("Dark Grey")
28 Dark Green Green Green ("Dark Green")
37 Bright Green Bright Green Bright Green
38 Dark Orange Dark Orange Dark Orange
102 Medium Blue Medium Blue Medium Blue
106 Bright Orange Orange Orange ("Bright Orange")
107 Bright Bluish Green Dark Turquoise Dark Turquoise ("Bright Bluish Green")
107 Bright Yellowish Green Lime Lime ("Bright Yellowish Green")
124 Bright Reddish Violet Magenta Magenta ("Bright Reddish Violet")
135 Sand Blue Sand Blue Sand Blue
138 Sand Yellow Dark Tan Dark Tan ("Sand Yellow")
140 Earth Blue Dark Blue Dark Blue ("Earth Blue")
141 Earth Green Dark Green Dark Green ("Earth Green")
151 Sand Green Sand Green Sand Green
154 New Dark Red Dark Red Dark Red ("New Dark Red")
191 Flame Yellowish Orange Bright Light Orange Bright Light Orange ("Flame Yellowish Orange")
192 Reddish Brown Reddish Brown Reddish Brown
194 Medium Stone Grey Light Bluish Gray Light Bluish Gray ("Medium Stone Grey")
199 Dark Stone Grey Dark Bluish Gray Dark Bluish Gray ("Dark Stone Grey")
212 Light Royal Blue Bright Light Blue Bright Light Blue ("Light Royal Blue")
221 Bright Purple Dark Pink Dark Pink ("Bright Purple")
222 Light Purple Bright Pink Bright Pink ("Light Purple")
226 Cool Yellow Bright Light Yellow Bright Light Yellow ("Cool Yellow")
268 Medium Lilac Dark Purple Dark Purple ("Medium Lilac")
283 Light Nougat Light Flesh Light Flesh ("Light Nougat")
308 Dark Brown Dark Brown Dark Brown
312 Medium Nougat Medium Dark Flesh Medium Dark Flesh ("Medium Nougat")
321 Dark Azur Dark Azure Dark Azure
322 Medium Azur Medium Azure Medium Azure
323 Aqua Light Aqua Light Aqua ("Aqua")
324 Medium Lavender Medium Lavender Medium Lavender
325 Lavender Lavender Lavender
326 Spring Yellowish Green Yellowish Green Yellowish Green
330 Olive Green Olive Green Olive Green
40 Transparent Trans-Clear Transparent
41 Transparent Red Trans-Red Transparent Red
42 Transparent Light Blue Trans-Light Blue Transparent Light Blue
43 Transparent Blue Trans-Dark Blue Transparent Dark Blue ("Transparent Blue")
47 Transparent Fluorescent Reddish Orange Trans-Neon Orange Transparent Neon Orange ("Transparent Fluorescent Reddish Orange")
49 Transparent Fluorescent Green Trans-Neon Green Transparent Neon Green ("Transparent Fluorescent Green")
111 Transparent Brown Trans-Black Transparent Brown
113 Transparent Medium Reddish Violet Trans-Dark Pink Transparent Dark Pink ("Transparent Medium Reddish Violet")
126 Transparent Bright Bluish Violet Trans-Purple Transparent Purple ("Transparent Bright Bluish Violet")
126 Transparent Fluorescent Blue Trans-Medium Blue Transparent Fluorescent Blue
143 Transparent Fluorescent Blue Trans-Medium Blue Transparent Fluorescent Blue
182 Transparent Bright Orange Trans-Orange Transparent Orange
311 Transparent Bright Green Trans-Bright Green Transparent Bright Green
127 Gold Pearl Light Gold Old Pearl Light Gold ("Gold")
297 Warm Gold Pearl Gold Pearl Gold ("Warm Gold")
315 Silver Metallic Flat Silver Flat Silver ("Silver Metallic")
316 Titanium Metallic Pearl Dark Gray Pearl Dark Gray ("Titanium Metallic")
316 Metalized Gold Chrome Gold Chrome Gold ("Metalized Gold")
329 White Glow Glow In Dark White Glow In The Dark ("White Glow")